Civic Platform

The Civic Platform (Polish: Platforma Obywatelska) was founded in 2001. From the very outset it has focused its efforts on values such as commitment and solidarity, in order to build - step by step - an effective State.

Our unchanging goals are improvement of the quality of life for every single Polish family, every man, woman and child. Together, day by day, we want to build Poland, a home for all of us. A home where everybody can find a place for themselves.

In our opinion the State should be the Citizen’s servant, not the otherwise. We are convinced that the condition for prosperity is more not less social solidarity. Because there is no prosperity without genuine solidarity.

We are consequently strengthening the fundaments of our economy. Its stability has protected our country from the effects of the global crisis. Now we are going to create the best possible conditions to unleash creativity and intelligence of our citizens. They will translate into faster economic and social growth of our country.

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The Parliamentary Office
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