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Kinga Magdalena Gajewska (born July 22, 1990 in Błonie) - Polish politician, political scientist and local government specialist, Member of the Parliament of Poland since 2015 (Civic Platform candidate). PhD student at the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science and MA Law student at the Faculty of Law and Administration at University of Warsaw. In 2011-2012, on a scholarship at Berlin FreieUniversität.

In 2008 she joined the Civic Platform political party. Soon she was voted President of the Civic Platform Youth Organization – Young Democrats, for Warsaw and Mazovia Region. Currently, she is Secretary of the Programming Council of the Civic Platform.

A candidate in the European Parliament elections of 2014. In local elections of the same year, as a Civic Platform candidate, she was elected Councillor of The Mazovia Regional Council, receiving 10 004 votes.

Also as a Civic Platform candidate, she ran in the 2015 parliamentary election in Poland. She was elected Member of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, gaining 4820 votes. As part of her parliamentary work, she works for the Committee of Education, Science and Youth, as well as for the Committee of Justice and Human Rights.

She loves motocross. She gained the title of 1st runner up Polish Champion and was appointed member of the Polish National Motocross Team. She has also been actively working on behalf of women in motorcycling sports as a member of the Committee for Women at the Polish Motorcycle Association.
(+48) 518 310 463
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